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Table 4 Results summary by RE-AIM construct

From: Stakeholder selected strategies for obesity prevention in childcare: results from a small-scale cluster randomized hybrid type III trial

Construct  Results summary
Reach The number of lessons was 5% higher in Enhanced sites, but this was not a significant difference. There was no difference between conditions in the number of resources distributed to parents by educators.
Effectiveness Both groups experienced significant improvements in RRS; there was no difference between groups. There was no change in BMI across the school year for either treatment condition.
Adoption The agency purchased 84% of the target servings of foods needed to fully deliver WISE. The Enhanced group had significantly higher Organizational Readiness for Implementing Change.
Implementation Of 4 evidence-based practices, the Enhanced group had significantly higher means for 3 practices (mascot use, role modeling, and hands-on exposure).
The Enhanced group had higher means for appropriateness, acceptability and feasibility. This was a significant difference for the outcome of appropriateness but not acceptability or feasibility.
Maintenance There was no difference in maintenance of fidelity between conditions for the 19 teachers that remained.