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Table 3 Usage and user opinion for SPEC model and ICT system from on-site SPEC coordinators (n=20)

From: Implementation fidelity of the Systems for Person-Centered Elder Care (SPEC): a process evaluation study

Process evaluation questionnaire Answer n (%)
Usage of SPEC ICT system
 Is it easy to access the internet at work? Yes 20 (100)
No 0 (0)
 On average, how many days did you access and use the SPEC ICT system per week? 1~2 days/week 9 (45)
3~4 days/week 9 (45)
≥5 days/week 2 (10)
 Would you recommend using the SPEC ICT system for care providers of other NHs? Yes 9 (45)
Maybe 7 (35)
No 4 (20)
 Given the choice, will you increase or decrease your usage of the SPEC ICT system? Increase 3 (15)
Maintain 6 (30)
Decrease 11 (55)
User opinion about SPEC model
 Did the SPEC model have a positive or negative impact on the need assessment and reporting system for resident care? Positive 12 (60)
Neutral 7 (35)
Negative 1 (5)
 How helpful was the SPEC model in terms of your care planning and evaluation for residents? Helpful 13 (65)
Neutral 6 (30)
Not helpful 1 (5)
 Was the adoption of the SPEC model helpful in reducing the amount of time to set up your care planning for residents? Helpful 10 (50)
Neutral 6 (30)
Not helpful 4 (20)