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Table 1 Policy makers and implementers interviewed

From: Decision-making process for introduction of maternal vaccines in Kenya, 2017–2018

Officer interviewed Office level Number interviewed
Deputy director public health County 1
Deputy director preventive and promotive services County 1
Deputy director reproductive health County 1
Head of National Immunization Program, MoH National 1
Officer in charge of expanded program on immunization logistics County 5
Nursing officer, in charge of reproductive health and maternal and child health County 4
Head, Division of Family Health, MoH National 1
Health promotion officer County 4
Deputy chair, KENITAG National 1
Core member, KENITAG National 3
Officer in charge of monitoring and evaluation County 2
Officer in charge of advocacy, communication, and social mobilization National 1
Nursing officer County 1
Officer in charge of community strategy County 1
Officer in charge of vaccines locally & internationally National 1
Public health coordinator County 1
Total County 29