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Table 1 Study constructs, function, relation to Stepping Up, and relation to the study conceptual model (CJ-IIM)

From: Protocol for a quasi-experimental, 950 county study examining implementation outcomes and mechanisms of Stepping Up, a national policy effort to improve mental health and substance use services for justice-involved individuals

Construct Study function Relation to Stepping Up CJ-IIM concept
Target implementation mechanisms
 Use of/capacity for performance monitoring Mechanism Steps 2, 3, and 6: Collect, measure and track capacity Performance monitoring
 Use and functioning of interagency teams Mechanism Step 1: Convene a diverse team of leaders Interagency workgroups
 Common goals and mission across agencies Mechanism Steps 4 and 5: Develop and implement a plan together Goal, mission setting
 System integration (vs. single programs) Mechanism Steps 4 and 5: Develop and implement a plan together System of care
Implementation outcomes
 Number of justice-involved clients who received behavioral health services Primary Outcomes are indicators of county capacity to identify and treat justice-involved individuals with behavioral health problems and link them to or provide appropriate community care.
 Number of behavioral health EBPP available Secondary
 Resources for behavioral health EBPP Secondary