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Table 2 Overview of included conceptual literature

From: Understanding the implementation of evidence-informed policies and practices from a policy perspective: a critical interpretive synthesis

Author Year Author location Topic area Focus Name of model/theory/framework Framework type [3]
Aarons et al. [12] 2011 USA Public services for children and families Implementation Conceptual model of global factors affecting implementation in public service sectors Determinants framework
Bauman et al. [36] 2006 Australia (majority) Physical activity Supra-National A Six-Step Framework for International Physical Activity Dissemination Process model
Bowen et al. [37] 2010 USA HIV Organizational/program Rogers-Rütten Framework Determinants + evaluation framework
Bowen and Zwi [38] 2005 Australia Public health Knowledge translation Evidence-informed Policy and Practice Pathway Determinants framework
Bruns et al. [39] 2008 USA Children and youth System (state) No name per se but addresses dimensions of state EBP implementation effort Determinants framework
Burris et al. [40] 2012 USA Public health System (law) No name per se but unified framework integrating public health law and public health systems and services Determinants framework
Campos and Reich [41] 2019 USA Health Policy, politics and stakeholders No name but identifies six different directions for different stakeholders Process model
Chaudoir et al. [9]a 2013 USA Health System (measures of determinants) A multi-level framework predicting implementation outcomes Determinants framework
Cherney and Head [42] 2011 Australia Evidence-based policy/practice System Components of a Support Delivery System: ‘9Cs’ Determinants framework
Chin and Goldmann [43] 2011 USA Health System A Conceptual Model for Specifically Addressing Disparities 6 Key Levels of Influence Implementation theory
Damschroder et al. [7] 2009 USA Health Organizational Consolidated Framework for Advancing Implementation Research (CFIR) Determinants framework
Domitrovich et al. [44] 2008 USA Schools Implementation quality No name per se but identified as factors that can affect implementation quality: a multi-level model Determinants framework
Evans and Davies [45], and Dolowitz and March [46] 1999 and 2000 UK and UK Policy transfer Policy Policy transfer Determinants framework
Feldstein and Glasgow [47] 2008 USA Healthcare Research to practice implementation PRISM (Practical, Robust Implementation and Sustainability Model) Process model
Fleuren et al. [48] 2014 Netherlands Healthcare Organizational/program No name per se but “Framework representing the innovation process and related categories of determinants” Determinants framework
Godfrey [49] 2011 USA Mental health System Hypothesized factors that influence ACT implementation Determinants framework
Green et al. [50] 2006 USA Physical activity Knowledge translation Push-Pull Capacity Model Process model
Greenhalgh et al. [26] 2004 UK Healthcare Organizational Diffusion of Innovations in Service Organizations Determinants framework
Greig et al. [51] 2012 UK Healthcare Implementation activity/practices Activity Theory Classic theory
Harris et al. [52] 2012 USA Health promotion Organizational Health Promotion Resource Center Dissemination Framework Process model
Harvey and Kitson [53] 2016 Australia Health services Implementation Integrated Promoting Action on Research Implementation in Health Services (I-PARIHS) Determinants framework
Hendriks et al. [54] 2013 Netherlands Public health (childhood obesity) Policy Behavior Change Ball Implementation theory
Hill and Hupe [55] 2003 UK and Netherlands Policy implementation Policy No model/theory or framework but discussed ‘the multi-layer problem’ N/A
Hill and Hupe [56] 2002 UK and Netherlands Policy implementation Policy N/A (book) Determinants framework
Hodges and Ferreira [57] 2013 USA Children and families Policy (local) Multilevel framework for local policy development and implementation Determinants framework
Howlett [58] 2004 Canada Policy implementation Policy (instruments) N/A Other (most closely resembles Classic Theory)
Hupe [59] 2011 Netherlands Policy implementation Explaining policy implementation Thesis of incongruent implementation Determinants framework
Hupe and Hill [60] 2016 Netherlands and UK Policy implementation Policy N/A N/A
Jansen [61] 2010 Netherlands Public health Disconnections between policy, practice and research 3 niches of public health Process model + determinants framework
Jilcott et al. [62] 2007 USA Public health Evaluating policy implementation Applying the RE-AIM framework to assess the public health impact of policy change Evaluation framework
Johansson [11] 2010 Sweden Human services Policy N/A N/A
Leeman et al. [63] 2012 USA Obesity prevention Policy Center TRT’s evaluation framework Evaluation framework
Lipsky [13] 1980 USA Social services Policy and individual Street-Level Bureaucracy Implementation theory
Matland [64] 1995 USA Policy implementation Policy Ambiguity-Conflict Model of Implementation Implementation theory
Mendel et al. [65] 2008 USA Mental health Organizational/community Framework of Dissemination in Health Services Intervention Research Process framework (2nd)
Michie [66] 2011 UK Behavior change (EBPs) Individual The Behaviour Change Wheel Implementation theory + determinants framework
Moulton and Sandfort [67] 2017 USA Public service interventions Policy The Strategic Action Field Framework Implementation theory
Pettigrew and Whip [68] 1992 UK Business Organizational/firm Understanding strategic change: three essential dimensions (Warwick Framework) Classic theory
Proctor et al. [69] 2011 USA Mental health Implementation outcomes Conceptual Model of Implementation Research Evaluation framework
Raghavan et al. [70] 2008 USA Mental health Policy A Policy Ecology of Implementation Determinants framework
Rutten et al. [71] 2003 Germany/Europe Health promotion Policy Determinants of policy analysis Determinants framework + classic theory
Sabatier and Mazmanian [14] 1980 USA Policy implementation Policy Framework of Analysis for the Implementation of Public Policy Determinants framework + process model
Schoenwald et al. [72]a 2008 USA Mental health System Conceptual model for the MacArthur research network on youth mental health child STEPs initiative on evidence-based practice in clinics and systems Determinants framework
Shortell [73] 2004 USA Health care System N/A; levels and associated assumptions about change Implementation theory
Spoth et al. [74] 2013 USA Public health/prevention Population Translation Science to Population Impact (TSci Impact) framework Process model
Strehlenert et al. [75] 2015 Sweden Health and social care Policy Conceptual Model for Evidence-Informed Policy Formulation and Implementation Process model
Thomann et al. [76] 2017 Germany Policy implementation Policy Extended Accountability Regimes Framework Implementation theory
VanDeusen Lukas et al. [77] 2007 USA Heath care Organizational Framework for Organizational Transformation Classic theory
Viennet and Pont [78] 2017 International Education Policy Education Policy Implementation Framework Determinants framework and implementation theory
Wandersman et al. [79] 2016 USA Empowerment evaluation Innovation and system interface Getting to Outcomes Process model
Wisdom et al. [80] 2014 USA Innovation adoption System N/A Determinants framework
  1. aAlso included in empirical literature