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Table 2 EBQI-PCMH fidelity for participating primary care practice sites

From: Assessing fidelity to evidence-based quality improvement as an implementation strategy for patient-centered medical home transformation in the Veterans Health Administration

  Phase 1 (87 meetings, 7 conferences) Phase 2 (60 meetings, 5 conferences) Phase 3 (18 meetings, 1 conference)
  Site A Site B Site C Site D Site E Site F Site G* Site H Site I
Leadership and frontlines (e.g., top-down, bottom-up) priority-setting process for focusing QI efforts
 Sum number QI projects proposed + approved High High High High Med Med Med Low Low
Ongoing technical expertise and coaching/mentoring in QI methods by health services researchers, delivered through a QI collaborative
 Bi-weekly QI collaborative calls with representation Med Med High Low Med High Med None None
 Number of representatives attending learning sessions High High High Med High Med None Med Med
Use of data and evidence to inform QI efforts
 Reported using evidence/data to ID problem and track progress High Med Med Low High High Low Low Low
EBQI-PCMH change mechanism: implementation and spread of locally developed and initiated QI projects
 Number of final reports + toolkits completed High High High Med Med Med Med None None
  1. *Site G did not begin participating in EBQI-PACT until January 2014, after the last collaborative conference (Sept 2013)