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Table 4 Dimensions and reporting of implementation dose

From: Systems analysis and improvement approach to optimize the hypertension diagnosis and care cascade for PLHIV individuals (SAIA-HTN): a hybrid type III cluster randomized trial

Intervention dose dimensions Description Measurement
Intervention period Sustainment period
Quantity # CQI micro-interventions by facility Reports Reports
Exposure # TA visits to facilities Reports Reports
Intensity Depth of use of the SAIA-HTN at the facility FGD/IDI FGD/IDI
Scope Breadth of use of SAIA-HTN at the facility (comprehensiveness) FGD/IDI FGD/IDI
Reach # Health workers/patients touched by the intervention Reports Reports
Engagement Commitment/seriousness of staff participating in the intervention FGD/IDI FGD/IDI
Duration Amount of time SAIA-HTN was actively used within a site Reports Reports
Quality Quality of SAIA-HTN implementation over time (complete reporting, iterative cycles, data use) Reports and FGD/IDI Reports and FGD/IDI
  1. CQI continuous quality improvement, TA technical advisor; FGD focus group discussions, IDI in-depth interviews