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Table 1 Variables in site assignment balancing algorithm

From: Assessing the Veterans Health Administration’s response to intimate partner violence among women: protocol for a randomized hybrid type 2 implementation-effectiveness trial

Construct Operationalization
1) Total number of non-women’s specific primary care clinics Total number of mixed gender and separate but share space primary care clinics at the facility (i.e., women’s health primary care model 1 and model 2 clinics)
2) Veterans Integrate Service Network (VISN) VISN in which the facility is located (regional network)
3) Women Veterans treated in primary care Number of Women Veterans seen within targeted clinics at the facility
4) Primary care workload Panel size per primary care provider at the facility
5) Primary care functioning related to mental health Percentage of primary care patients seen for embedded mental health services with Primary Care Mental Health Integration (PCMHI) clinicians
6) Rurality Binary; coded as “1” if facility is located within rural county or at least 65% of their patients live in rural areas
7) Facility complexity VA designation based on several facility variables such as size and availability of certain types of specialty services
8) Emergency Department capacity Number of Emergency Department visits at the facility
9) Reliance of Women Veterans on VA care Percent of Women Veterans who get prescriptions at the facility
10) Mental health service capacity Mental health encounters per unique patient at the facility