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Table 4 Association between performance scores of CHWs and compliance with treatment

From: The fidelity of implementation of recommended care for children with malaria by community health workers in Nigeria

Independent variable (performance score)CrudeAdjusteda
OR (95% CI)p valueOR (95% CI)p value
Total score1.23 (0.98–1.53)0.071.25 (0.95–1.65)0.11
General practice1.46 (0.68–3.14)0.330.95 (0.38–2.37)0.92
Proficiency in the use of RDT1.04 (0.72–1.50)0.840.98 (0.59–1.62)0.93
Adherence to malaria treatment recommendation0.74 (0.17–3.31)0.700.75 (0.17–3.45)0.72
Post-treatment initiation counseling of caregivers2.16 (1.32–3.53)0.002*2.00 (1.24–3.22)0.004*
  1. Per the intervention protocol, compliance with treatment was defined as the correct treatment of a RDT positive child without danger signs with artemisinin-based combination therapy (ACT), a RDT positive child with danger signs with rectal artesunate (RA) followed by referral for further management, and not treating an RDT negative child with either ACT or RA
  2. aAdjusted for age (years), highest level of education (primary, secondary, post-secondary), and occupation of CHW (healthcare-related, not healthcare-related)
  3. *Significant at p < 0.05