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Table 2 List of full-spectrum theories, models, and frameworks by theoretical approaches categories (n = 36)

From: A scoping review of full-spectrum knowledge translation theories, models, and frameworks

Process models (n = 18)CAN-IMPLEMENT (Canadian Guideline Adoption Study Group) [22]
Co-KT Framework [47]
CollaboraKTion Framework [46]
Collaborative Model for Achieving Breakthrough Improvement [23]
Community-based knowledge translation framework [56]
Designed Focused Implementation Model [49]
A Staged Model of Innovation Development and Diffusion of Health Promotion Programs [24]
Stages of Research and Evaluation [55]
Healthcare Improvement Collaborative Model (HICM) [45]
Knowledge-to-Action (KTA) [5]
KT Framework for AHRQ Patient Safety Portfolio and Grantees [48]
LEAN Transformation Process [25]
Model for Accelerating Improvement [26]
National Center on Health, Physical Activity and Disability Knowledge, Adaptation, Translation and Scale-up (N-KTAS) framework [50]
Plan-Do-Study-Action (PDSA) Cycle [27]
Quality Implementation Framework [28]
The Translational Model of the Black Dog Institute [51]
Western Australia (WA) Health Network Policy Development and Implementation Cycle [30]
Classic theories (n = 8)Diffusion of Innovations [31]
Interorganizational Relations Theory [33]
Precaution Adoption Process Model (PAPM) [35]
Self-Regulation Theory [34]
Social Cognitive Theory (SCT) [32]
Social Ecology Model for Health Promotion [37]
Social Learning Theory [36]
Transtheoretical Model of Behaviour Change [39]
Determinant Frameworks (n = 3)Consolidated Framework for Implementation Research (CFIR) [40] Social Marketing Framework [29]
Knowledge Integration Process [54]
Evaluation frameworks (n = 3)A Conceptual Framework for Planning and Improving Evidence-Based Practices [53]
RE-AIM [41]
Process and Classic Theory (n = 1)Stage Theory of Organizational Change [38]
Classic Theory and Determinant Framework (n = 2)Community Connection Model [43]
Community to Community Mentoring Model (CCM) [44]
Process Model and Evaluation Framework (n = 1)Evidence-Driven Community Health Improvement Process (EDCHIP) [52]