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Table 1 Checklist (audit tool) for assessing hospital IT infrastructure

From: Factors affecting the use of clinical practice guidelines by hospital physicians: the interplay of IT infrastructure and physician attitudes

1. What information sources are available in your hospital? (Multiple answers allowed)
 □ Igaku Chuo Zasshi (ICHUSHI) Medical Literature Database [Hospital Subscription] [1]a
 □ Charged database in English including UpToDate®, Clinical Key®, Ovid®, DynaMed® [Hospital Subscription] [1]
 □ No charged database is provided in the hospital IT system [0].
2. Where are the major locations in your hospital for Internet use with wired LAN access? (Multiple answers allowed)
 □ Outpatient clinics [1]
 □ Wards [1]
 □ Libraries [0]
 □ Medical offices [0]
3. Is wireless LAN available in your hospital?
 □ Yes, available with no limitations [2].
 □ Yes, with limited access points [1].
 □ No, not available. (Only available by individual or medical office subscription) [0].
4. Does your hospital provide an intranet homepage with user-friendly interface in order to easily access digital libraries including various medical journals?
 □ Yes [1]
 □ No [0]
5. Which applies to your hospital regarding medical library activities? (Multiple answers allowed)
 □ Periodic meetings held to improve the information retrieval environment [1].
 □ Continuously working to improve library services and usability (e.g., promoting paperless movements) [1]
 □ Participation in hospital librarian associations and communication with other hospital librarians [1]
 □ Nothing in particular [0].
Total score     /10
  1. a[ ] Scores for ‘Yes’