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Table 1 Covariate descriptions

From: Getting to implementation: a protocol for a Hybrid III stepped wedge cluster randomized evaluation of using data-driven implementation strategies to improve cirrhosis care for Veterans

Data element Definition
Provider characteristics Demographics, training (physician, Advanced Practice Provider, pharmacy provider, nurse, other)
Workload Ratio of (# patients with cirrhosis) : (# of full-time staff) for each site
Patient case-mix Average MELD score, Charlson comorbidity score, demographic characteristics
Site complexity Levels 1a to 3
Access to care HCC diagnostic and treatment services, endoscopy, and hepatology specialty care (on- vs. off-site vs. unavailable)
HIT engagement Number of HIT Collaborative activities attended in the last fiscal year
HIT influence % Strategies impacted by the HIT Collaborative
Organizational factors Staff culture, leadership culture, behavior and feedback, opinion leaders, resources