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Table 2 RE-AIM evaluation of MAQI2 DOAC Dashboard implementation

From: Applying population health approaches to improve safe anticoagulant use in the outpatient setting: the DOAC Dashboard multi-cohort implementation evaluation study protocol

RE-AIM dimension Outcome measure How assessed Data source
Reach The percent of patients with inappropriate DOAC use where the anticoagulation clinic contacted the prescribing provider or patient Numerator: number of patients where prescriber or patient was contacted about inappropriate DOAC prescribing
Denominator: total number of patients with DOAC Dashboard alerts for inappropriate medication prescribing
MAQI2 DOAC Database
Effectiveness Inappropriate DOAC use Interrupted time series analysis
Numerator: Number of inappropriate DOAC prescriptions
Denominator: Total number of patients on DOAC
MAQI2 DOAC Database
Adoption Implementation strategies used Qualitative interviews with anticoagulation clinic managers Interviews
Implementation Time between a new DOAC Dashboard flag and a clinical change Time in days between the occurrence of a new DOAC Dashboard flag and documented change in DOAC medication MAQI2 DOAC Database
Maintenance Sustained frequency of Dashboard use Number of days per month with at least one Dashboard access by any staff member over a 12-month period EHR report
  1. MAQI2 Michigan Anticoagulation Quality Improvement Initiative, DOAC direct oral anticoagulant, EHR electronic health record