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Table 3 Core sequence analysis

From: From sensitization to adoption? A qualitative study of the implementation of a digitally supported intervention for clinical decision making in polypharmacy

Major topic: habitus of primary care physicians
Formulating interpretation Reflecting interpretation (discourse organization)
Subtopic 1: medication review as a professional task of pharmacists Proposition: introduction of a new frame of orientation
Subtopic 2: balancing effort and usefulness of the digital intervention Elaboration in the mode of a description with modifying extension
Subtopic 3: amount of information provided by the digital intervention Background construction in the mode of exemplification with argumentative insertion
Subtopic 4: deprescribing after hospital discharge Validated elaboration of exemplification in the mode of differentiation
Subtopic 5: evidence-based clinical decision-making vs “healing art” Opposition in the mode of argumentation
Subtopic 6: long-term medication and acute events Differentiation in the mode of exemplification