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Table 1 Survey results

From: The Implementation Research Logic Model: a method for planning, executing, reporting, and synthesizing implementation projects

To what extent was the Implementation Research Logic Model (IRLM) helpful in… Mean SD % responding either “Moderately” or “Very”
improving the rigor and reproducibility 3.05 .885 77.7%
serving as a “roadmap” for how the project is to be carried out over time 3.08 .950 74.0%
clearly reporting and specifying how the project is to be conducted 2.94 .909 67.8%
understanding the connections between determinants, strategies, mechanisms, and outcomes 2.92 .957 66.3%
identifying gaps in the implementation research logic of their project 2.86 1.021 64.2%
deepening their knowledge of implementation science methods 2.83 .959 62.9%
planning the project 2.82 1.088 61.3%
developing consensus and understanding of the project among diverse stakeholders involved 2.75 1.090 58.8%
identifying gaps in new research questions or analyses 2.54 1.032 51.3%
To what extent…
… were the worksheets provided during the summit helpful in completing the IRLM 3.02 .886 74.1%
… has your knowledge on the logic of implementation research increased after the two-day training 3.18 .827 77.6%