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Table 2 Implementation conditions and intervention components

From: Protocol: examining the effectiveness of an adaptive implementation intervention to improve uptake of the VA suicide risk identification strategy: a sequential multiple assignment randomized trial

Intervention component Component description Intervention condition
  Implementation as usual (IAU) Audit and feedback (A&F) Audit and feedback plus external facilitation
(A&F + EF)
Facility champion An identified person at the facility who supports implementation at their site by accessing and disseminating available resources. X X X
Risk ID SharePoint site A website which includes information and resources to support implementation. X X X
Webinar series Risk ID overview and practice trainings. X X X
Technical support email Designated email group to respond to implementation questions from the field. X X X
Technical assistance call A weekly video conference call designed to share updates, materials, and answer questions from the field. X X X
Fallout report A report identifying patients who did not receive the indicated level(s) of screening and/or evaluation. X X X
Monthly adherence report Facility level report provided to leadership each month that summarizes adherence for secondary suicide screening and CSRE. X X X
Risk ID performance dashboard An interactive dashboard that reports facility adherence to Risk ID requirements on an ongoing basis. This includes the ability to compare metrics with national, VISN, and similar-sized facilities; performance across time; and breakdown of performance across clinics/divisions within a parent facility.   X X
Risk ID performance dashboard toolkit Guidance documents and videos on how to use the Risk ID dashboard to identify areas for improvement.   X X
Actionable feedback Tailored recommendations for performance improvement.   X X
External facilitation In person or virtual support to include stakeholder engagement, education, collaborative problem solving and goal setting, increased direct communication, and ongoing support.    X