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Table 4 Mostly transferable measures identified in studies of health policy implementation (n = 15)

From: Quantitative measures of health policy implementation determinants and outcomes: a systematic review

Tool nameNumber of itemsDevelopment
Author, year
Empirical use
Author, year
Setting, country
Implementation outcomes and determinants assessedPragmatic PAPERS scoreaPsychometric properties assessed
Adaptations of Evidence-Based Practices9Stirman et al. 2013 [44]Lau and Brookman-Frazee 2016 [45]
Mental health, USA
Fidelity/compliance, adaptability12Norms
Creative Climate Questionnaire10Ekvall 1996 [46]Lövgren 2002 [47]
Healthcare, Sweden
Organizational culture and climate13Normsb
Job Control Scale22Dwyer and Ganster 1991 [48]Condon-Paoloni 2015 [49]
Nutrition, Australia
Organizational culture/climate12Norms, internal consistency
Organizational Climate Measure82Patterson et al. 2005 [50]Lau and Brookman-Frazee 2016 [45]
Mental health, USA
Organizational culture/climate10Normsb
Organizational Social Context Measurement System105Glisson et al. 2012 [51]Beidas et al. 2013 [52]
Mental or behavioral health, USA
Organizational culture/climate, communication of policy5Norms, structural validity
Perceived Organizational Support Survey8Eisenberger et al. 1997 [53]Eby et al. 2013 [54]
Tobacco, USA
Organizational culture/climate12Norms, structural validity, internal consistency
Pharmaceutical Policies Survey17Vogler et al. 2016 [55]Vogler et al. 2016 [55]
Healthcare, Europe
Costs of implementation11Norms
Planning for Change Survey4Wanberg 2000 [56]Eby et al. 2013 [54]
Tobacco, USA
Organizational culture/climate12Norms, structural validity, internal consistency
Policy Coalition Evaluation Tool15Hardy et al. 2013 [57]Hardy et al. 2013 [57]
Community nutrition, USA
Fidelity/compliance, sustainability, readiness, organizational culture/climate, actor relationships/networks9Not reported
Policy Empowerment Index12Gavriilidis and Östergren 2012 [58]Gavriilidis and Östergren 2012 [58]
Hospitals/clinics, traditional medicine policy, South Africa
Adaptability, readiness, actor relationships, political will for implementation, target population characteristics affecting implementation16Not reported
Policy Implementation Barometer10Hongoro et al. 2018 [59]Hongoro et al. 2018 [59]
Access to care, Uganda
Appropriateness, readiness to implement11Norms
Policy Readiness and Stage of Change Needs Assessment130Roeseler et al. 2016 [60]Roeseler et al. 2016 [60]
Tobacco, USA
Adoption, fidelity/compliance13Norms
Rehabilitation Policy Questionnaire7Brämberg et al. 2015 [61]Brämberg et al. 2015 [61]
Hospitals/clinics, Sweden
Acceptability, adoption, fidelity/compliance, penetration, readiness11Norms
Rütten’s Health Policy Questionnaire24Rütten et al. 2003 [62]Rütten et al. 2003 [62]
Cancer, tobacco, physical activity, Europe (6 countries)
Acceptability, cost, org culture/climate, readiness to implement, political will implementation15Normsb
Veteran’s Administration All Employee Survey14Smith et al. 2017 [63]Smith et al. 2017 [63]
Mental health, USA
Organizational culture/climate11Normsb
  1. Mostly transferable measures are defined here as those in which ≥ 75% of items can readily be used in multiple settings without change or by changing only the referent (i.e., policy name, setting)
  2. aPragmatic PAPERS score—Psychometric and Pragmatic Evidence Rating Scale [11, 41, 42], five domains assessed: brevity (score based on number of items), language simplicity, burden/ease of interpretation of scoring, and training burden, total possible score 20, higher numbers indicate greater ease to use the measure
  3. bAdditional subscale level psychometric properties were reported