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Table 3 Potential benefits of recognizing and clarifying ontological and epistemological paradigms

From: Adjust your own oxygen mask before helping those around you: an autoethnography of participatory research

• Improve communication across the translational spectrum from basic science to clinical science to implementation, dissemination, and policy.
• Leverage the power of values and intrinsic motivation in fostering long-term change, as opposed to relying only on impersonal, measurable mechanisms that do not reflect basic human psychosocial needs such as love, connection, and autonomy [76, 145].
• Engage in rich analysis of novel approaches that may otherwise be quickly rejected because of incongruence with the analyzer or field’s deeply held, implicit views as what counts as evidence or knowledge.
Advance interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary approaches [113] that may be initially discarded because of underlying, mismatched philosophical assumptions between various fields.