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Table 2 Ranking of TDF domain importance according to the frequency of identification, thematic elaboration and evidence of conflicting beliefs

From: Reducing catheter-associated urinary tract infections: a systematic review of barriers and facilitators and strategic behavioural analysis of interventions

RankingTDF domain (COM-B)Frequency (no. of studies identified in; max n = 25)Elaboration (number of themes)Evidence of barriers and/or facilitators within domains (Yes/No)
1Environmental context and resources (physical opportunity)138Yes
2Knowledge (psychological capability)129Yes
3Beliefs about consequences (reflective motivation)128Yes
4Social Influences (social opportunity)96Yes
5Memory, attention and decision processes (psychological capability)88Yes
6Social professional role and identity (reflective motivation)64Yes
7Behavioural regulation32Yes
8Beliefs about capabilities22No
Joint 9th and 10thSkills21No
Joint 11th –14thReinforcement00