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Table 2 Types of data to be collected during OTIP implementation

From: A protocol for evaluating a multi-level implementation theory to scale-up obstetric triage in referral hospitals in Ghana

No.Implementation systemLevelDataFrequencyHow collected
1Synthesis and translationWithin facilityLocal adaptation of triage site setupOnce in each facility prior to implementationVisual observation of the layout of each facility and of the triage site
2Synthesis and translationWithin facilityLocal adaptation of training deliveryOnce in each facility once champion-led training is completeShort questionnaire completed by facility champions
3Synthesis and translationAcross facilityAdaptations to training materials, forms, bands, and other intervention componentsOnce at the end of the project periodDocument review of training materials across training sessions; interview with trainers
4SupportWithin facilityOrganizational readiness for implementing OTIPOnce in each facility, following training but prior to implementation startReadiness instrument adapted from Scaccia [34, 39]
5SupportWithin facilityFacility champion coaching activities, strategies, and resultsOnce in each facility when phase 3 performance standards are achieved (see Table 1)Semi structured interviews of facility champions
6SupportAcross facilityUtilization and effectiveness of learning networksOngoing throughout implementation and during face-to-face learning network meetingsReview of WhatsApp messages and documentation of discussion during learning sessions
7SupportSystem levelGrowth in leadership for implementationOnce at the end of the project periodSemi-structured interviews of national triage champions
8SupportSystem levelTAG activitiesOngoing throughout implementationReview of TAG meeting agendas, email correspondence, and meeting minutes
9SupportSystem levelTAG perception of roles and influenceOnce at the end of the project periodSemi-structured interview of TAG members
10DeliveryWithin facilityLocal implementation strategies to meet performance standardsOngoing throughout implementation in each facilityReview of PDSA worksheets
11DeliveryWithin facilityStaff perception of the implementation processOnce in each facility when phase 3 performance standards are achievedSemi structured interview of selected frontline staff using adapted CFIR framework
12DeliveryWithin facilitySustainment of the OTIP processOnce in each facility approximately 6 months after phase 3 performance standards are achievedNPT assessment instrument