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Table 4 Progress with the implementation of proposed theme-based activities

From: Impact of capacity building interventions on individual and organizational competency for HPSR in endemic disease control in Nigeria: a qualitative study

Thematic networkProposed activityProgress with implementationPurpose of activity (influence on capacity for HPSR and GRIPP)
Neglected tropical diseases
 AnambraReview existing literature on the prevalence of NTDs• Carried out a scoping review of epidemiological studies on NTDs
• Held series of meetings to compare individual findings towards data synthesis
To improve individual competence and organizational capacity to undertake HPSR
Capacity building of local government NTD focal persons and other users of evidence in the state on HPSR• Leveraged on an on-going program to step-down training workshop on HPSR to NTD focal persons at local government level
Advocate for evidence-based decision makingPlanning for implementationTo improve organizational capacity for GRIPP
 EnuguMobilize and sensitize key stakeholders and community leaders• Sensitized community on NTDs and need for increased uptake of free Ivermectin for onchocerciasisTo improve program implementation
 AnambraUndertake survey on the availability of malaria diagnostic tools and personnel in selected local government areas in the state and disseminate findings to policy makers• Conducted a pilot study on the utilization of anti-infective medicine
• Mapped out study area
• Begun reviewing literature and designing the study protocol
To improve individual competence in HPSR
Research priority setting in malaria• Data collation to enable identification of research prioritiesTo improve organizational capacity for GRIPP
 EnuguEvaluate the distribution of LLINs and effectiveness of ACTsNothing to report 
Maternal and child health
 AnambraAssessment of utilization of maternal health services• Completed literature reviews on the proposed research topic
• Developed study protocol and obtained ethical approval
• Met with health workers in the proposed study site
To improve individual competence in HPSR
 EnuguPeriodic survey on access to free MCHNothing to report 
Health systems strengthening
 AnambraEvaluate the effect of training various cadres of health workers on timely/prompt patient care to reduce hospital waiting time• Process of collecting data for a baseline study (on ways of improving patient care) which will inform the design of training intervention for health workersTo improve individual competence in HPSR
 EnuguAssessment of clients’ perceptions of service delivery in tertiary hospitals• Team meetings to discuss findings from the literature review and brainstorm on research design