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Table 1 Capacity-building workshops attended by survey participants

From: Impact of capacity building interventions on individual and organizational competency for HPSR in endemic disease control in Nigeria: a qualitative study

Training workshops organized by the Health Policy Research Group

Modules/topics covered

Frequency (%)

Producers of evidence (N = 54)

Users of evidence (N = 64)

Workshop 1: Training of trainers on health policy and systems research & economic evaluation


Introduction to complex health systems

Introduction to health policy and health system governance

Introduction to health sector reform

Conducting literature review

Health policy and stakeholder analyses

Health systems research priority setting

Economic evaluation

Introduction to health economics and health technology assessment

Pharmaco-economics and outcomes research for disease control

Application of cost effectiveness analysis and health technology assessment for decision making

23 (42.6)

24 (37.5)

Workshop 2: Training of trainers on getting research into policy and practice


Monitoring and evaluation of health programs

Knowledge networks for health research

GRIPP: principles, methodologies, and benefits

Advocacy for GRIPP

Leadership for health research

Managing political and socio-cultural interferences in policy making

Entrenching research

19 (35.2)

24 (37.5)

Workshop 3: Step-down training on HPSR, economic evaluation, and GRIPP

Modules in HPSR, economic evaluation, and GRIPP (as above)

39 (72.2)

48 (75)