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Table 2 Conceptual framework for data extraction

From: Understanding the public’s role in reducing low-value care: a scoping review

Phase of de-implementationa Operational definition Example
Identify and prioritize low-value clinical practices 1) The public’s conceptual understanding of low-value care
2) The public’s involvement in identifying or prioritizing low-value practices for de-implementation
1) A survey asking members of the public to describe low-value care
2) Patient and provider co-creation of a priority list of practices for de-implementation
Assess barriers and facilitators to de-implementation The public’s perception of barriers and facilitators to reducing low-value care Exploring patient perspectives on the demand for low-value care
Select, tailor, and implement de-implementation intervention Public involvement in developing interventions to reduce low-value care Involving a patient representative in the design of an intervention to reduce a low-value practice
Evaluate de-implementation process and outcomes The public’s involvement in the evaluation of outcomes of an initiative to reduce low-value care Inclusion of patient-reported outcomes in an intervention to reduce the use of a low-value practice
  1. aAdapted from Niven et al. model [27]