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Table 1 (abstract S-181). RE-AIM framework to evaluate a peer-delivered linkage to SU treatment intervention

From: Proceedings from the 12th Annual Conference on the Science of Dissemination and Implementation

  O* I* C* Outcome Result
Reach    X Proportion clients interested in working with the peer. 37/101 (36.6%)
Effectiveness    X Linkage and retention outcomes. Intake: 37 (100%)
Initiated treatment: 23 (62.2%)
14-day retention: 16 (43.2%)
30-day retention: 12 (32.4%)
Adoption X    Of clients with full intake data, proportion referred to the peer by organization staff. 5/28 (17.8%)
Implementation   X X Proportion clients working with the peer:
-who had complete follow-up documentation.
-who were linked to treatment.
Documentation: 16 (57.1%)
Linkage: 25 (67.5%)
Maintenance X    Sustained peer role following completion of pilot. Trial ongoing.
  1. *O=organization; I=interventionist; C=client