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Table 1 (abstract S44). Hospital clusters, Implementation Strategy Clusters, and Implementation Strategies

From: Proceedings from the 12th Annual Conference on the Science of Dissemination and Implementation

Clusters Implementation Strategies Hospital Clusters
Process Procedure People Focused
Role Prep Identify and prepare champions X   
Facilitate relay of clinical data to providers
Metrics and Methods Recruit, designate, and train staff   X  
Change records systems
Change workflow systems
Adaptive Problem Solving Tailor strategies to overcome barriers and honor preferences    
Assess for readiness and identify barriers
Use mass media
Use a quality improvement / implementation advisor
Role Adaptation Use advisory boards and workgroups   X  
Adaptation of existing interventions
Revise professional roles
Engagement Involve executive boards and/or sponsors X X X
Build a coalition
Conduct educational meetings
Consensus Building Conduct local consensus discussions    X
Individualized training sessions
Inform local opinion leaders
Quality Improvement Audit and provide feedback X   X
  1. Note: X= Most often used implementation strategy clusters by hospital clusters