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Table 1 Eligibility criteria

From: Adapting evidence-informed complex population health interventions for new contexts: a systematic review of guidance




Full-length document providing advice and specific recommendations on key concepts and/or steps, principles, and strategies for adapting population health interventions in new contexts.

The included documents may be intended for researchers, practitioners, and/or funders to support in their use of methods and conduct of research on intervention adaptation.

Document type

Peer-reviewed papers: research, analysis, or methodological papers.

Non peer-reviewed documents: dissertations, theses, books, book chapters, governmental and non-governmental reports, and working papers (i.e. documents issued by local, regional, or national governments or by their agencies or subdivisions, as well as those written and published by non-governmental organisations).


Modifications made to the content of interventions and their implementation AND/OR

Modifications made to the context in which interventions are delivered AND/OR

Modifications made during the evaluation processes

New context

Characterised by differences in geographical, epidemiological, socio-cultural, socio-economic, ethical, legal, and/or political determinants. NB: Guidance papers which describe scale-up of interventions will be included only if the scale-up is described with regard to changes in any of the above-mentioned determinants (e.g. taking interventions tested in a specific geographical district for full-scale implementation in other districts, which differ in their contextual profile, such as population and socio-economic determinants).

Population health interventions

Interventions, programmes, and policies which seek to change the population distribution of risk.

These interventions can be delivered to whole populations, defined sub-populations (based on age or other characteristic), or specific groups with increased levels of risk.

Interventions may encompass public health or health services research.


Papers written in English, German, French, Italian, Russian, or Swedish.

Geographical location