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Table 4 Quality assessment of included randomised controlled trials

From: The effectiveness of guideline implementation strategies in the dental setting: a systematic review

  Study identification
Criteria [47] [42] [39] [45] [53] [44] [46]
1. Was true randomisation used for assignment of participants to treatment groups? Y Y Y Y ? Y Y
2. Was allocation to treatment groups concealed? Y Y Y Y N ? Y
3. Were treatment groups similar at the baseline? N Y N Y Y Y Y
4. Were participants blind to treatment assignment? N N N N N ? Y
5. Were those delivering treatment blind to treatment assignment? N N N N N N Y
6. Were outcomes assessors blind to treatment assignment? Y Y Y Y N N Y
7. Were treatment groups treated identically other than the intervention of interest? Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
8. Was follow-up complete and if not, were differences between groups in terms of their follow up adequately described and analysed? Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
9. Were participants analysed in the groups to which they were randomised? Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
10. Were outcomes measured in the same way for treatment groups? Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
11. Were outcomes measured in a reliable way? Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
12. Was appropriate statistical analysis used? Y Y Y Y N Y Y
13. Was the trial design appropriate, and any deviations from the standard RCT design (individual randomisation, parallel groups) accounted for in the conduct and analysis of the trial? Y Y Y Y N Y Y
Total score 76.9% 76.9% 69.2% 92.3% 46.2% 69.2% 100.0%
  1. Y yes, N no, ? unclear, N/A not applicable