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Table 1 Inclusion and exclusion criteria for systematic review (January 1, 2015, to July 3, 2018)

From: Identifying relevant concepts and factors for the sustainability of evidence-based practices within acute care contexts: a systematic review and theory analysis of selected sustainability frameworks

Inclusion criteria
Study Design All published articles and dissertations/theses, systematic and scoping reviews, concept analysis
Publication Dates Published between January 2015 and July 3, 2018.
Based on reviews by Moore et al. (2017); and Lennox et al. (2018)
Represents the most refined version of the framework/model/theory (F/M/T)
Setting Recommended for use in acute care setting
Recommended for use in any healthcare organization in general and did not specify a specific healthcare setting.
Must explicitly provide factors and concepts relate to sustainability
Outcomes Primary outcome:
A sustainability F/M/T that addresses the process of sustained use of research (evidence-based practice/guidelines/innovation/clinical protocol/programs/interventions)
Provides a definition of sustainability. Because sustainability is defined numerous ways, we included all studies in which the originators used one of the following terms sustainability, routinization, institutionalization.
Provides information on the theoretical underpinnings and evidence supporting the F/M/T
Provides information on the concepts and related factors influencing sustainability of evidence-based practice/guidelines/innovation/clinical protocol/programs/interventions.
Exclusion criteria
Publications Exclude if not a unique and index version (most up to date) of the F/M/T
Setting Exclude if not recommended for use or applicable within a healthcare organizational practice setting
Exclude if not explicitly recommended for use within acute care or unspecified healthcare organization/setting
Exclude if explicitly recommended for use in a specific setting such as public health or community setting, or has a health promotion focus
Language Exclude all citations in any other languages than English
Outcomes Exclude if no F/M/T is included
Excluded if about delivery system components and no F/M/T model included
Exclude if only describes factors related to sustainability and no F/M/T is included
Exclude if it contains both initial implementation and sustainability and does not explicitly provide a detailed breakdown of related sustainability concepts and factors.
Excluded if the F/M/T being described is not about healthcare innovations/evidence-based practices