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Table 1 AACTT framework definitions and examples

From: Action, actor, context, target, time (AACTT): a framework for specifying behaviour

AACTT domainsDefinition1Examples
ActionA discrete observable behaviourPrescribing antihypertensives, providing a referral to a specialist, washing hands, setting a policy
ActorThe individual or group of individuals who perform (or should/could) the ActionPrimary care physician, pharmacist, social worker, resident, administrator, middle manager, head of unit, policymaker
ContextThe physical, emotional or social setting in which the Actor performs (or should/could) the ActionExamination room, doctor’s office, outside a patient room, in a boardroom, stressful vs. calm situation, when patients’ relatives are present or not
TargetThe individual or group of individuals for/with/on behalf of whom the Actor performs the ActionPatient with diabetes and blood pressure above 140/80 mmHg, patient wanting to quit smoking
TimeThe time period and duration that the Actor performs the Action in the Context with/for the TargetAt annual review, next time a patient visits, every week, over the next 6 months
  1. 1 from Francis et al (2004)