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Table 2 Measurement of implementation context

From: The impact of basic vs. enhanced Go NAPSACC on child care centers’ healthy eating and physical activity practices: protocol for a type 3 hybrid effectiveness-implementation cluster-randomized trial

CFIR constructSourceAsked to:
Directors and teachersCoaches
Networks and communicationsORC: Organizational Climate–Communication [41, 42]YesNo
CultureISS: Culture, Culture Stress, Culture Effort [40]YesNo
Implementation climateISS: Implementation Climate [40]YesYes
Readiness for implementation   
 Leadership engagementISS: Leadership Engagement [40]YesNo
 Available resourcesISS: Available resources [40]YesYes
 Access to information and knowledgeORC: Resources–Training [41, 42]YesYes
Knowledge and beliefs about interventionTDFQ: Knowledge [43,44,45]YesYes
TDFQ: Beliefs and Consequences [43,44,45]YesYes
Self-efficacyTDFQ: Beliefs about Capabilities [43,44,45]YesYes