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Table 2 Associations between state characteristics and state EBT fiscal and policy supports and EBT availability

From: The role of the outer setting in implementation: associations between state demographic, fiscal, and policy factors and use of evidence-based treatments in mental healthcare

 Outcome 1: Fiscal supports to promote EBT adoptionOutcome 2: Policy supports to promote EBT adoptionOutcome 3: EBT availability
ParameterUnstandardized coef aSEUnstandardized coef aSEUnstandardized coefbSE
Political party in control0.260^0.1410.2480.177− 0.1480.191
Budget surplus (z score)− 0.0880.0960.1230.146− 0.750***0.204
Per capita income (z score)0.433^0.2530.3070.225− 0.0360.236
 South− 0.000390.2710.2110.2880.5010.449
 West− 0.5940.336− 0.5130.3430.3550.560
 Midwest− 0.1260.334− 0.1400.370− 0.937*0.340
2013 Medicaid expansion0.950*0.372− 0.1090.4320.4450.655
SMHA funds county (single or multicounty) or city mental health authorities which, in turn, fund local provider agencies or directly provide mental health services
 Directly operates community-based programs− 0.2410.5070.0490.6661.037*0.526
 Funds county or city MH authorities− 0.0390.4340.0470.4210.1390.465
 Directly funds, but does not operate community-based agenciesRef Ref Ref 
SMHA is located within another state agency (ref = SMHA is an independent department/agency)− 0.5110.427− 0.743^0.434− 0.0600.690
SMHA Director sits as a member of the Governor’s cabinet (ref = no)0.0250.3550.1770.408− 0.4740.426
Research located within the SMHA (ref = no)0.822*0.3720.870*0.3570.2280.484
Research located outside the SMHA (ref = no)0.906**0.3420.855*0.3890.3380.619
SMHA promotes consumer/survivor participation in resource allocations at the SMHA level (ref = no)0.1850.3920.0950.4700.1510.099
SMHA has initiatives underway to work with other state government agencies to coordinate, reduce, or eliminate barriers between delivery systems and funding streams to the provision of appropriate mental health services (ref = no)0.515*0.2462.836***0.3170.3590.430
Representatives from other state government agencies participate as members of your SMHA’s mental health planning Council/Group (ref = no)0.9530.6001.739**0.5320.1120.466
Information management functions located within SMHA (ref = no)− 0.1680.299− 0.1870.421No data available 
Information management functions located outside SMHA (ref = no)− 0.4700.622− 0.8530.579No data available 
SMHA currently involved in activities to downsize, reconfigure, close and/or consolidate one or more state mental hospitals (ref = no)− 0.0330.2280.4160.301− 0.0280.387
Per capita expenditures (z score)− 0.0540.1830.2090.193− 0.0550.180
Controlled per capita expenditures for SMHA (z score)0.0380.3250.2560.258− 0.0710.215
Per capita mental health expenditures (z score)0.2740.1960.2770.2590.0970.271
Count of number of available child EBTs0.238^0.1380.521**0.185  
Count of number of available adult EBTs0.286*0.1150.1030.181  
Count of number of available EBTs (child and adult)0.204*0.0810.242*0.119  
  1. EBT evidence-based treatment
  2. aAdjusted for linear time centered at 2002
  3. bAdjusted for linear time centered at 2007
  4. ^p < 0.10, * p < 0.05, ** p < 0.01, *** p < 0.001