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Table 1 Description of the facilitation methods offered by the facilitator to support the physiotherapists

From: Implementation of a behavioral medicine approach in physiotherapy: a process evaluation of facilitation methods

Facilitation methods Description
Outreach visits Ten 2-h outreach visits with the facilitator and participating physiotherapists.
Peer coaching Both formal (outreach visits) and informal discussions with other participating physiotherapists at the clinic.
Educational materials Nine web lectures (12–25 min) describing the core components of the behavioral medicine approach and evidence supporting the behavioral medicine approach; 10 video-recorded role-plays (5–13 min); assistive written materials such as a printable diary for patients’ self-monitoring; and a book describing the model for the systematic application of a behavioral medicine approach to physiotherapy clinical practice.
Individual goal-setting Set from one outreach visit to the next coming. Also including behavioral contract.
Video feedback Video recordings of their own sessions with patients as a basis for feedback and discussions during the outreach visits.
Self-monitoring in a diary Self-monitoring of the physiotherapists’ behaviors connected to their individual goals.
Manager support Manager support by two telephone calls from a researcher during the implementation period to prompt managers’ supportive attention to the participating physiotherapists.
Information leaflet to patients Information leaflet to patients about what was planned to happen during the physiotherapy session.