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Table 2 Characteristics of the clinic staff participant sample (n = 29)

From: Investigation of factors influencing the implementation of two shared decision-making interventions in contraceptive care: a qualitative interview study among clinical and administrative staff

Gender, female29(100.0)
 > 509(31.0)
 Other race(s)2(6.9)
 Health care associate/assistant/worker7(24.1)
 Nurse practitioner/physician assistant7(24.1)
 Managerial/administrative (e.g., Clinic manager, Executive Director)5(17.2)
 Medical assistant3(10.3)
 Registered nurse/licensed practical nurse3(10.3)
Role in the clinic
Years since completing professional training
 26 or more5(17.2)
Duration of time involved in the study
 Less than the entire study period10(34.5)
 Entire study period19(65.5)