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Table 1 Right For Me shared decision-making (SDM) interventions

From: Investigation of factors influencing the implementation of two shared decision-making interventions in contraceptive care: a qualitative interview study among clinical and administrative staff

InterventionDescriptionIntended useSupplies provided
Patient-targetedVideo• Video advocating patient question-asking (2:00–3:00 min)
• English and Spanish versions; with and without captions
Viewed by patient at clinic before visit• Tablet computers pre-programmed with video and with affixed instructions
• Tablet chargers and cases
• Headphones
• Cleaning wipes
Prompt card• Small card reinforcing questions to ask
• English and Spanish versions
Taken by patient at clinic before visit• Cards
• Display stands
Provider-targetedDecision aids• Set of seven one-page decision aids on contraceptive methods
• English and Spanish versions
Used by health care providers with patients during visit• Tear pads of decision aids
• Desktop or wall-mounted display stands
Training• Training video on SDM and the decision aids (4:20 min)
• Written guidance on SDM and the decision aids
Viewed by health care provider in advance of implementing decision aids (and as needed)• Online (password-protected) access to training