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Table 2 Adjusted odds ratio and 95% confidence intervals for the primary, secondary, and tertiary outcomes

From: The effect of a clinical decision support system on prompting an intervention for risky alcohol use in a primary care smoking cessation program: a cluster randomized trial

Outcomes No. (%) in intervention group No. (%) in control group Intra-cluster correlation coefficient Adjusted odds ratio (95% CI) p value
Offer of appropriate resource 1324/2916 (45) 1254/2799 (45) 0.134 1.19 (0.88, 1.64) 0.261
Acceptance of offered resource* 280/1324 (21) 203/1299 (16) 0.074 1.48 (1.01, 2.16) 0.045
Abstinence from smoking and drinking within CCS guidelines 112/1332 (8) 121/1346 (9) 0.93 (0.71, 1.22) 0.594
  1. Note: The first two outcomes, offer of appropriate resource and acceptance of offered resource, were derived from the electronic system and were measured at time of patient enrollment to the study while the third outcome, abstinence from smoking and drinking within the CCS guidelines, was derived from a patient questionnaire 6 months after enrollment
  2. *Some practitioners offered an alcohol reduction resource to patients who should have received the abstinence resource and some practitioners offered an alcohol abstinence resource to patients who should have been offered an alcohol reduction resource. Since the secondary outcome was acceptance of the offered resource, whether appropriate or not appropriate, the numerator in the primary outcome and denominator in the secondary outcome do not match for the control group. In total, 45 participants in the control arm were offered an inappropriate resource