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Table 1 Description of key influences on success and related NPT construct

From: Understanding the influences on successful quality improvement in emergency general surgery: learning from the RCS Chole-QuIC project

Description of key influences Overall area of work Related NPT construct
Cognitive, relational and behavioural work
 1. Achieving clarity of purpose amongst site leads and all key stakeholders Sense-making Coherence
 2. Capacity (time and resources) to lead and effective team working/project support Relational Cognitive participation
3. Turing ideas into action Making change happen Collective action
 4. Learning from own and others’ experience Learning from change Reflexive monitoring
Clinical process
 5. Creating additional capacity to do emergency cholecystectomies Surgical/theatre capacity N/A
 6. Coordinating/managing the patient pathway Patient pathway/flow N/A
  1. NPT Normalisation Process Theory