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Table 2 Study aims (applications of NGS) of included studies (Jan 2015 to Sep 2018: n = 275)

From: Status and potential of bacterial genomics for public health practice: a scoping review

Study aim(s)
Outbreak investigations (n = 164)
 Source tracing 78
 Identify transmission routes 85
 Inform outbreak management: feedback on key phenotypic attributes 11
Control-oriented surveillance (n = 41)
 Understand transmission dynamics (identify transmission networks/clusters) 15
 Early outbreak detection 23
 Overview of circulating strains to identify the emergence of new threats 12
Strategy-oriented surveillance (n = 70)
 Understand transmission dynamics to develop prevention strategies 21
 Overview of circulating strains (long-term trends) 38
 Impact assessment of prevention and control programs 29
 Identification of risk factors and risk groups 6
  1. One study can have multiple study aims