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Table 9 The RE-AIM dimensions: definitions and levels of measurement

From: Using a RE-AIM framework to identify promising practices in National Diabetes Prevention Program implementation

RE-AIM dimension Definition Level of measurement
Reach The absolute number, proportion, and representativeness of individuals who are willing to participate in a given initiative Individual
Effectiveness The impact of an intervention on important outcomes, including potential negative effects, quality of life, and economic outcomes Individual
Adoption The absolute number, proportion, and representativeness of settings and intervention agents (people who deliver the program) who are willing to initiate a program Staff and Organizational
Implementation The intervention agents’ fidelity to the various elements of an intervention’s protocol, including consistency of delivery as intended and the time and cost of the intervention Staff and Organizational
Maintenance The extent to which a program or policy becomes institutionalized or part of routine organizational practices and policies at the setting-level. At the individual level, maintenance is defined as the long-term effects of a program on outcomes 6 or more months after the most recent intervention contact Individual and Organizational
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