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Table 3 Characteristics of the BOA-QIC teams and their activities performed during project time (6 months), all teams were employees in primary care

From: In-depth comparison of two quality improvement collaboratives from different healthcare areas based on registry data—possible factors contributing to sustained improvement in outcomes beyond the project time

QI team
(Total number of participants, n)
Team 1
Team 2
Team 3
Team 4
Team 5
Team 6
Team 7
Profession of participants
 Physiotherapist 1 1a 1a 3 2a 1a 2a
 Physician   1      
 Leader of unit 1       
Teams’ main goal
 Increase number of patients with recommended level of physical activity x     x   
 Increase knowledge about osteoarthritis and SOASP among health professionals   x x x    
 Others       Standardised way of working adapted to patients’ needs Increased number of registrations into BOAb
Source of collected data for QI
 Registry x x x x x x x
Data reviewed during project time
 At baseline (supported by QIC experts) x x x x x x x
 At the end        
Overarching themes of activities performed (n = number of different activities)
 Increased availability and follow-up 1    1 2   
 Development of and adherence to guidelines and routines   1     1  
 Education and information about osteoarthritis and SOAP   1 2 4    
 Others        Develop routine to register patients; develop routine to review data from registry monthly
Participants’ perceived overall experience of QIC (information received from the final QIC report) ‘Everyone agreed that it was very educational and we found that despite the short project period, ambitious and targeted efforts were carried out on the units, using the new working methods that really boosted the improvement processes.’ p. 6
  1. aParticipated only at introduction seminar
  2. b95% of all patients who attend Supported Osteoarthritis Self-Management Programme (SOASP) should complete the questionnaire and 95% of those completed questionnaire should be registered by physiotherapists in the BOA system. Follow user manual