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Table 3 Intensity of each QI item in the SUSTAIN project

From: Scaling Up Safer Birth Bundle Through Quality Improvement in Nepal (SUSTAIN)—a stepped wedge cluster randomized controlled trial in public hospitals

Quality improvement package items Details Number
Facilitators training on HBS Training on continuous quality improvement package. Checklist use HBS package 6 days
Continuous quality improvement An orientation with hospital leadership on the improvement of care process for mothers and newborn 2 h
Orientation to facilitators on the tools for bottleneck analysis 2–4 h
Assessment of maternal and newborn services in the hospital 2 days
Bottleneck analysis of maternal and newborn services Half day
Development of problem-solving process using the PDSA approach 2 h
Training Training health workers on the HBS package and continuous quality improvement (CQI) 3 days
Mentoring Monthly visit by clinical mentors to guide the implementation of the standards 1 day each month
Audit and feedback Use of progress board Daily drills Daily