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Table 3 RE-AIM constructs and measures for HEALTH practice outcomes and external validity

From: Disseminating and implementing a lifestyle-based healthy weight program for mothers in a national organization: a study protocol for a cluster randomized trial

RE-AIM outcome Definition Level Sample item/citation
Reach/representativeness (aim 3) Absolute number, proportion, and representativeness of individuals who participate in HEALTH • PAT site Calculated from administrative data.
Effectiveness (aim 1) Impact of HEALTH on weight and important lifestyle behaviors (e.g., diet and activity) • Individual mother See Table 1.
Adoption (aim 2) Intention, initial decision, or action to try or employ HEALTH; “uptake” • PAT site Calculated from PAT National Center administrative data.
I would try a new curriculum even if it were very different from what I am used to doing [73].
 Appropriatenessa Perceived fit, relevance, and compatibility of HEALTH for PAT and parent educators; and perceived fit of HEALTH to address weight • Parent educator I do not know why promoting healthy weight behaviors is so important for PAT to address [74, 75].
 Feasibilitya Extent to which HEALTH can be successfully used or carried out within a given agency or setting • Parent educator HEALTH is easy to implement correctly at this PAT site [74, 75].
Implementation (aim 2)
 Acceptabilitya Perception among implementation stakeholders that HEALTH is agreeable, palatable, or satisfactory • Individual mother
• Parent educator
• PAT site
Using HEALTH will enhance my effectiveness on the job [73, 76].
 Fidelity Degree to which HEALTH was implemented as prescribed in the original protocol or as it was intended by the program developers • Parent educator How much of the lesson plan content was delivered?
Visit checklist and recorded home visits.
 Adaptationa Planned or purposeful changes and unintentional deviations to the design or delivery of HEALTH • Parent educator Have you made any changes to address client (family)-level needs, preferences, or constraints? [53, 77, 78]
Recorded home visits.
Maintenance/sustainability (aim 3) Extent to which HEALTH is maintained or institutionalized within PAT’s ongoing, stable operations • PAT site
• PAT National Center
The program is well integrated into the operations of the organization [74, 75].
  1. aIncludes qualitative measures