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Table 2 Top six innovator ideas

From: The clinician crowdsourcing challenge: using participatory design to seed implementation strategies

Title Idea Issues addressed through idea Challenge Committee rating ranking (n = 6)a GALA attendee rating rankingb
Pre-session preparation Create a relaxing waiting room that helps prepare the patient (along with a “pre-session quick sheet”) for the session ahead Stress created from chaotic waiting room that detracts from session time and opportunities to implement EBPs 1 1
Experts in your back pocket Network of EBP experts are available for consultation and supervision via a hotline or face-to-face appointments Lack of experts on various EBPs within organizations 2 5
Workshops and rewards Point-based system for EBP fidelity and workshop attendance that can be used towards session supplies or gift cards Clinician burnout and lack of incentive for clinicians 3 4
Electronic evidence-based screening instrument inventory Provide validated screening instruments in the EMR to clinicians to easily assess treatment needs and track client progress Barriers to implementing measurement-based care 4 6
On-site training and fidelity follow up A certified EBP trainer comes to an organization and provides on-site training and consultation Lack of EBP support within organization and barriers to attending distant training sessions 5 2
Community-based mentoring program for EBP Implement an intra-agency EBP mentoring program that addresses therapist isolation and lack of community understanding from EBP experts Therapist isolation and lack of community understanding from EBP experts 6 3
  1. aChallenge Committee members were asked to rate all the ideas based on their enthusiasm for the idea’s “potential to increase therapist use of evidence-based practice” using a 1–5 Likert scale. The top 6 ideas (presented here) were chosen, and the ranking of the ideas are presented in this column
  2. bGALA attendees were asked “How excited are you about the idea” following the presentations at the IDEA GALA and ranked ideas using a 1–10 Likert scale. The ranking of the top 6 ideas are presented in this column