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Table 1 Criteria for why TDF domains were identified as key in understanding the barriers and facilitators midwives experience in undertaking multiple HePPBes

From: Investigating midwives’ barriers and facilitators to multiple health promotion practice behaviours: a qualitative study using the theoretical domains framework

TDF domain Domain description (i) High frequency of specific beliefs (ii) Existence of conflicting beliefs (iii) Indication of clear beliefs
Professional role and identity Views of how HePPBes relate to the professional role of being a midwife  
Beliefs about consequences Expectations about what would occur if midwives perform HePPBes  
Motivation and goals Reasons for carrying out or not carrying out HePPBes   
Memory/Attention and decision processes The ability to remember, observe and select in relation to HePPBes  
Environmental context and resources The effects of the healthcare setting on HePPBes and the impact of what is available to midwives (in terms of physical and psychological resources) on HePPBes   
Social influences The interpersonal processes which influence midwives’ cognitions, emotions and HePPBes  
Emotion Feelings about performing HePPBes   
Behavioural regulation Midwives’ attempts to influence HePPBes   
Nature of the behaviour Midwives’ descriptions of how they have carried out HePPBes in the past and how HePPBes operate within the NHS