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Table 4 Sustainment strategies used to sustain EBIs

From: Evidence-based intervention sustainability strategies: a systematic review

Factor Frequency
Sustainment strategies (n = 9)
Funding and/or contracting for EBIs continued use n = 11
Maintenance of workforce skills through continued training, booster training sessions, supervision, and feedback n = 8
Mutual adaptation between the EBI and organization (e.g., adaptation of the EBI to improve fit AND alignment of the organizations’ procedures) n = 7
Systematic adaptation of the EBI to increase continued fit/compatibility of the EBP with the organization n = 7
Organizational leader stakeholder prioritizing and supporting continued use n = 5
Agency priorities and/or program needs are aligned with new EBI n = 4
Maintenance of staff buy-in n = 2
Other n = 2
None specified n = 2
Accessing new or existing money to facilitate sustainment n = 1
Monitoring EBI effectiveness n = 1