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Table 2 Measures deployed in study by domain, construct, concept, aim, who/how measured, and who collects

From: Testing an implementation strategy bundle on adoption and sustainability of evidence to optimize physical function in community-dwelling disabled and older adults in a Medicaid waiver: a multi-site pragmatic hybrid type III protocol

Framework Construct Concept(s) Aim(s) Who measured How measured Collector
Inner setting Readiness for Implementation Leadership engagement 5 Sites ILS Project manager
Readiness to implement ORC
Size of site waiver agency Administrative data 2018
Quality scores Quality data
Individual:site and person Demographics Site: number of employees/beneficiaries, quality scores, cost Sites Administrative data 2018
Clinician: age, race, sex, discipline, degree, years of experience as clinician and in WA Clinician Survey Project manager
Beneficiary: age, sex, race Beneficiary MDS-HC
Clinician: engagement Attitude, self-efficacy 2 Clinician 1. EBPAS
2. GSE
Project manager
Beneficiary outcomes ADLs, IADLs falls, pain, depression/ED/hospital 3 and 4 Beneficiary MDS-HC
Process Training Knowledge with intervention 2 Clinician Survey Project manager
Knowledge with IF/EF IF/EF
Team building Interdisciplinary coordination Beneficiary EHR progress notes
Coalition building Occurrence/type IF Data tool
Inner setting Adoption Fidelity to training 1 and 2 Clinician Type, date, number done Project manager
Fidelity to IF/EF IF/EF IF data tool Research assistants
Fidelity to intervention Beneficiary/patient EHR care plan
Sustainability Fidelity to change Sites SIC Research assistants
Acceptability Satisfaction with training 6 Clinician IF EF Survey Project manager
Cost Dollars expended 6 Clinician IF EF beneficiary Wages, benefits Project manager
Outer setting Policy Payment for incentive 6 CMS contract Contract 1 October 2022 Project manager