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Table 1 Implementation strategies deployed, domains affected, definition, actors, actions/target of actions, temporality, dose, and outcome affected

From: Testing an implementation strategy bundle on adoption and sustainability of evidence to optimize physical function in community-dwelling disabled and older adults in a Medicaid waiver: a multi-site pragmatic hybrid type III protocol

Domain Organization readiness Build IF coalition IF training Clinician training Clinical teams EF centralize oversight Audit and feedback implementation intervention fidelity
Definition Aspects of an organization determine readiness to implement IFs coalition to share implementation knowledge Dynamic interactive training via varying learning methods and supervision focused on implementation Training to conduct intervention Develop/implement teams of clinicians who meet, reflect, and share learnings Makes things easier for others: support to change attitudes, habits, skills, way of thinking and working Collect and summarize clinical performance and monitor, evaluate, and modify clinician behavior
Actors PI, PM, waiver clinician IF, research team Research team for IF IF for clinicians IF, clinicians EF PI, PM, IF, EF
Actions Administer tools, analyze results Online Bb forum to build capacity, share best implementation strategies Identify and train train-the-trainers/IF Train clinicians, post-test, remediate IF leads interdisciplinary coordination, feedback on implementation/intervention Assistance to IF (arm 2) Monitor Bb and EHR, SIC (scorecard)
Target of action Site IFs IFs Clinicians Clinicians IF Clinicians
Temporality Before implementation When starting implementation 1 month after implement 1 week after intervention and ongoing
Dose Surveys completed baseline 1 h discussion monthly 1.5 h Bb online training; remediate prn 5.5 h online Bb training Meet 15 min per month per beneficiary cared for Weekly for 30 min to 1  h until issues resolved Weekly results to scorecard in Bb and IF reviews with clinicians, EF reviews with IF
Outcomes affected Acceptability, readiness Acceptability Adoption, sustainability Adoption,
Adoption, sustainability, outcomes