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Table 2 Curriculum at a glance

From: Training in Implementation Practice Leadership (TRIPLE): evaluation of a novel practice change strategy in behavioral health organizations

Session 1—setting the stage/planning and engaging in change Session 2—making it happen/executing the change Session 3—keep improving/evaluating and reflecting on the change
Who is involved in practice improvement Review of work since session 1 and 3 shared experiences from your site. Principles of a learning organization Reinforcing exercise: quality measures
Organizational factors in the implementation of EBPs Theories, models, and frameworks in EBP Reinforcing exercise: assessing practice properties Break-out sessions reporting on successes and challenges
Key steps in implementation Reinforcing exercise: quality gap estimation Leadership for change Reinforcing exercise: Stakeholders for change Economics/cost evaluation
Team activity and reporting Reinforcing exercise: Implementation success stories Strategies for implementing change Reinforcing exercise: agency motivators for implementing innovations Team activity and reporting Reinforcing exercise: implementation of climate development plan
Discuss plans for small-scale implementation rialing and interim coaching Reinforcing exercise: sticky messages to facilitate change Team activity and reporting Quality improvement and performance management Reinforcing exercise: quality of care and EB practice
   Post-training evaluations and ‘What is next’