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Table 5 Summary of implementation costs and scenarios included

From: Use of health economic evaluation in the implementation and improvement science fields—a systematic literature review

Study Costs considered Scenarios considered Conclusion: intervention cost-effective?
Furze et al. 2011 Training costs None Yes
Judd et al. 2014 None Scaling scenarios Yes
Kifle et al. 2010 Indirect costs of patients and carers; project costs; impacts on staff None Yes
Maloney et al. 2012 Training and set up costs Roll out scenarios Yes
Mdege et al. 2012 Training costs Roll out scenarios Yes
Mortimer et al. 2013 Development costs; amortisation; delivery costs; roll out costs Roll out scenarios No
Purshouse et al. 2013 None Roll out scenarios Yes, although sensitive to rollout costs
Rachev 2015 Outlining of costs None Inconclusive
Tappenden et al. 2013 None Funding scenarios N/A