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Table 4 OvidSP MEDLINE search strategy

From: How the study of networks informs knowledge translation and implementation: a scoping review



MeSH Headings

Health care professionals

Clinician* OR “health care professional*” OR “health professional*” OR therapist* OR physician* OR doctor* OR nurse* OR “allied health”

Allied Health Personnel OR Medical Staff Hospital

Knowledge translation

Knowledge translation OR evidence based practice OR evidence informed practice OR dissemination OR organi*ational innovation OR implementation adj3 research OR research utili*ation OR research use OR knowledge utili*ation OR knowledge transfer OR knowledge mobili*ation OR knowledge exchange

Knowledge Management OR Translational Medical Research OR Diffusion of Innovation OR Evidence-Based Practice OR Professional Practice OR Guideline Adherence OR Social Change

Social network analysis

Social Network, social networks, network theory

Interprofessional Relations