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Table 5 Build community connections and patient involvement. ERIC strategies included in EvidenceNOW interventions with Proctor specifications

From: Specifying and comparing implementation strategies across seven large implementation interventions: a practical application of theory

Expected outcomes: Improved community connections and patient involvement Improved referrals to accessible patient resources, improved patient engagement in their own care. Increased patient activation and knowledge leads to acceptance of new evidence-based practices and increased quality of care
Justification: Local resources help practices and patients improve cardiovascular preventive care and self-management. Patient feedback and involvement in QI promotes patient-clinician communication, tailored health messaging, and patient adherence
No. co-ops Name it Specify it
ERIC cluster ERIC strategy* Actor Specific action(s) Target
5 New Engage community resources PF, extension agent Build links between practices and health resources or organizations embedded in communities; varies from meetings with community organizations and participating in collaborative project to participating in referral programs Practice
1 Support clinicians Develop resource sharing agreements Cooperative leadership Connect to state and county departments of health; connect practices to local health related organizations to participate in collaborative projects Practice
1 Engage consumers Involve patients/consumers and family members Cooperative leadership, PF Include patients on QI teams Practice
2 Use evaluative and iterative strategies Obtain and use patients/consumers and family feedback Cooperative leadership, PF Assess and use results of patient/consumers and family feedback from patient engagement surveys; patient focus group, patient and family advisory councils Practice
1 Engage consumers Prepare patients/consumers to be active participants PF Invite members of the community to participate in tailoring ABCS and CVD messaging for their communities Practice
  1. ABCS aspirin, blood pressure, cholesterol, and smoking cessation; PF practice facilitator; HIT health information technology; HIT-PF health information technology specialist practice facilitator; EHR electronic health record; data expert health informatics technology expert; expert consultant physician faculty or clinical expert; Q & A question and answer; FAQ frequently asked questions; extension agent community-based agent specializing in using community resources to address social determinants of health
  2. *Modifications to ERIC labels and new strategies are in italics. Strategy definitions are in Table 1